The Lies of Locke Lamora — Scott Lynch

Locke Lamora is the leader of a gang of con artists and thieves called the Gentleman Bastards. They’ve all been raised since childhood to make a living by stealing from the rich thanks to a variety of techniques and disguises. Think of Ocean’s Eleven in a Renaissance fantasy setting with a sprinkle of the Godfather to keep everyone in check.

Locke is instantly likable due to his charisma and endless banter. In fact, the entire gang is well written and synergistic, with everyone having an interesting backstory in their own right. The story is split into two distinct timelines–one in the present and another in the past with a focus on the early days of each gang member.

The book starts off slowly which made me put it down for extended periods before ploughing through to the end. Once the wheels of the first heist start spinning, the momentum picks up and never stops. You’re in for a rollercoaster as Locke and his friends become part of a bigger conspiracy than they could’ve imagined but need to find a way to save the city and its people.