Done is better than perfect

I was inspired by a post from Nicolas who wrote about focusing on content for his blog instead of making minor tweaks to the code.

I’ve been guilty of this. When I first started this blog years ago I spent a lot of time on tweaking the design to get it just right. Nights spent adjusting things that people would hardly notice like typography, line spacing or colours. Looking back I was procrastinating to give me the satisfaction of working on the blog without doing what mattered–writing.

At the time this blog was self-hosted on Ghost which meant using the command-line to navigate and change things. Since I’m not a developer this meant a fair amount of friction for minor tweaks on the blog’s appearance. If I didn’t go through the updating process for a couple of weeks it would take a while to remember how to do it. Over time that friction made me not want to update the blog’s design anymore. That was a good thing. I focused on writing instead which was much less of a hassle compared to finding my way around the command line.

When I migrated over to Blot I once again noticed over a dozen of bugs” that I could fix. That was almost a year ago and I still haven’t touched any of the code. And you know what? That’s fine because I’ve written and published a lot more posts than I have in the past.

Done is better than perfect.