Spotify’s new discovery channel

I’m an avid Spotify listener and even the recent release of Apple Music couldn’t sway me away. The team behind Spotify just keeps improving the product (and the brand) with well designed and relevant features. Songs matching your tempo while running or previewing songs on long tap are just some of my favourites from the past. Enter Discover Weekly” which is essentially an entirely personalised playlist based on your own listening and on other user’s playlists with similar tastes. Apparently it’s supposed to become smarter over time and the more you listen, the better it gets.

One of the main reasons I started using music streaming services in the first place was for exactly that - music discovery. I really liked Rdio’s approach which Spotify kind of adopted but this new playlist is just brilliant and gives me something to look forward to every Monday.

It’s available across all platforms and behaves like any other playlist, except it resets every week so make sure to save the songs you like!