First look at BioWare’s next game Anthem

Earlier this week at the E3 Microsoft revealed their next generation console: the Xbox One X. I stopped caring about Microsoft hardware since I switched back to PlayStation but a new console release usually means exciting new (unfortunately often platform exclusive) launch titles.

One of them is BioWare’s new game called Anthem. It’s a multiplayer sci-fi action shooter. I watched the trailer and kept thinking Wow that looks like so much fun. In fact it reminds me of the Destiny universe except it already seems like it has a true open world experience. As you might have already found out I love games with that kind of atmosphere. I know it’s only a trailer and actual gameplay might be slightly different but I’m very excited for this game regardless. It wasn’t clear initially but EA confirmed that Anthem coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC which means no one is missing out, yay! It’s due to launch sometime in Fall 2018.