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Drawit, a drawable user interface

Drawit is a user interface exploration imagined by MIT Media Lab Research Assistant Marco Exposito. His bachelor's thesis project takes visual programming to a whole new level.
In fact, it allows you to create your custom interface by drawing shapes on a tablet. These shapes are defined by the user and can be seemingly random. They then connect to physical objects like a lamp and allow you to change its properties remotely. In the example above, a big circle represents the lamp and a smaller darker circle acts as a button. Drawing a line between these two shapes essentially connects them with one another and make interactions possible. Linking multiple physical objects together is just as easy.
I really like how this approach makes no assumptions on the users background and can be whatever they want it to be. This method of user input appears to be the purest form of UI customisation.

MediaSquare: Samsung's shared media experience

The talented (experimental) interface designer Jinha Lee who is known for amazing projects like ZeroN and SpaceTop recently presented his latest work for Samsung.
It's called MediaSquare and the idea behind it is to break the traditional ratio of one user per device. A TV would no longer be limited by a single remote for example. Just like having several keys for a single car, users could seamlessly access the TV through various controlling devices such as phones or wearables.
Although the example shown in the video above of people constantly switching music during a party is not the best example, I can see this providing a great experience for gaming or collaboration in general.