An ode to the internet

When talking to people I was told a few times that my English was surprisingly good for a foreigner. Then they would usually ask where and how I learned it. What comes next might surprise you.

My answer is always the same: "on the internet." This doesn't mean online courses such as Duolingo or any specific website for that matter. My education was much simpler than that. And much more organic too.

As a teenager I was addicted to two things: basketball and video games. Back then website had (and still has) the best basketball content and was my main source of entertainment, updates and general information. Now I learned basic English at school and I wasn't even among the best in my class. But I was really interested in the NBA so I started watching highlights without understanding much commentary at all. I even had trouble navigating the site because of the language barrier which is why I only watched very little initially. I did however bookmark the site and visited almost every day, increasing the amount of time I'd spend on it gradually.
I would even venture into the forums and read about various topics people were discussing.
(reference to uninterested learning or flow ref breath becomes air)